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Curve Ski


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Select the carbide to fit your riding

Snow Control Profile
An exclusive profile that forms and compresses snow into rails under the snowmobile ski.

X-Beam Mounting Structure
The complex geometry on top of the snowmobile ski serves double duty as spindle mount and deflection control.

Synergy Ski Loop
A variable loop cross section allows the snowmobile ski tip to flex without impeding its movement. The loop to ski locking mechanism ensures a tight, hassle free connection.

Studboy 2198 Series 17" host bar, 4 stud pattern carbides.
Snow-Studs RM78 Series 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” Carbides

Mounting Hardware
Curve Xtremes are offered with a custom engineered hardware system that consists of choice grade zinc plated carbon and stainless steel fasteners.


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